About NDRC

Noncommunicable Diseases Research Centre
The center is agreed to act as one of the providers of the scientific evidence for effective interventions in the health tem in line with the MOH's policies for NCDs. By employing young researchers and PhD students (both course based or research based PhD students) this center has developed interference and evidence based research in the four fields of burden of diseases, assessment of the health tem performance, health measuring and social ...

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new treatment of diabetes

The aim for the new treatment of diabetes
The main treatment for patients with type 1 diabetes is insulin injection for whole life injected insulin works as a replacement of secreted insulin by destroyed beta cells. Treatment of type two diabetes is behavioral changes (diet, physical activity and in some cases control of stress), and drug therapy and, if needed using insulin occurs. In spite of treatment with exogenous insulin significantly reduces high mortality rate of diabetes, ...

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Transplantation of insulin-producing tissue
Before discovery of the insulin, physicians were seeking to identify possible treatment of diabetic patients via methods of pancreatic replacement. Graft of insulin-producing tissue has been considered as the only treatment of diabetes resulting stabilized normoglycemia and maintaining long-term glucose homeostasis. In this regard, in recent years either whole pancreas transplantation or pancreatic islet transplantation are known more ...

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