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6/20/2017 | Creator: 130

Type: سمینار

Location: No. 10, Next to Dr. Shariati Hospital Complex, Jalal Al Ahmad Hwy., North Kargar Ave., Tehran, Iran
Date Begin: 7/8/2017
Date End: 7/20/2017

Description: According to request of participants in diabetic foot workshops and “National Non-communicable Disease Manifesto” and “National Diabetes Manifesto” this workshop should be expanded to the “Advanced Course of Diabetic Foot Management”. Actually, the multidisciplinary team needs to expand the diabetic workshop since we need to empower the skill of all health care providers who engage in diabetic foot management process. Moreover this advance course could be useful to have expert health care providers to implement the localized guideline of IWGDF. It should be noted that we intend to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) for participants who completed the course.

Since, Iranian Diabetic Foot Research Network and Iranian Diabetes Network includes most of provinces in Iran, we address all health care providers around the country to pass the advance course to gain significant equity and therefore the quality of diabetic foot care in the country. This advanced course provides knowledge and technology for planning and empowering the future of health care provider to delivery appropriate care to diabetic foot patients. This advanced course will be privileged for local practice and will help health care providers to behave in the same and standard manner in different areas of our country with different levels of availability to health- care services. Thus, development of this advanced course may be one step in achieving equity in health as major goal of health institutions.

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