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6/20/2017 | Creator: 130

Type: سمینار

Location: No. 10, Next to Dr. Shariati Hospital Complex, Jalal Al Ahmad Hwy., North Kargar Ave., Tehran, Iran
Date Begin: 7/22/2017
Date End: 8/10/2017

Description: During this course, the theoretical aspects of the most important clinically relevant topics of diabetes will be delivered. The topics included but not limited to the following: Diabetes emergencies, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular complications, hypertension, diabetic nephropathy, insulin analogue, diabetic foot, nutrition, insulin therapy, new trends in diabetes management , gestational diabetes, oral anti-diabetic agents, rheumatologic complications, gastrointestinal complications, psychiatric complications, Islamic fasting and diabetes care.

Following the theoretical course, the participants are asked to attend in the practical sessions being held at several different clinics of Shariati Hospital such as diabetic foot clinic, patient assessment unit, and the general internal medicine ward. The clinical sessions provid the participants with an opportunity to bring their theoretical findings, gained in the theoretical setting of the course, into the real situations under the supervision of the most nationally recognized endocrinologists. A pre-test evaluation as well as a final examination at the end of the course will be applied in order to assess the effectiveness of the course

This course is held multiple times per year by the Institute with the aim of educating health care professionals working in the field of diabetes from a wide range of disciplines.

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