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2/9/2016 | Creator: 130

Considering the disabling complications of diabetes, their being preventable, and their economic burden on the Iranian national health care system, Endocrine and Metabolism Research Institute has launched a Virtual

Diabetes Clinic so that to provide a remote diabetic care for Iranians as well as for other Persian speaking nations. The Diabetes Virtual Clinic of EMRI provides the opportunity for diabetic patients to have access to the most updated information on various aspects of diabetes remotely, such as: complications, management, and nutrition. Patients can also upload detailed information of their disease including the symptoms, signs, blood sugar levels, and other diabetes related information so that to consult with an endocrinologist in an individualized and tailored manner. By registering themselves on the website, diabetic patients can have access to their previous postings and trace any change in the state of their disease.


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