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6/24/2016 | Creator: 130

EMRI as a multi-disciplinary biomedical and clinical research institute looks forward to expanding capacity for basic, clinical, and translational research on diabetes and metabolic disorders.

Any offer of assistance, partnership, or collaboration which could assist us to achieve our goal is warmly welcomed. In the end, I wish to express our sincere willingness to provide service to research centers, universities, and organizations with similar interests all around the world, and, specifically, the regional countries.
  •  Diabetes prevention, education and management
  •  Prevention and management of Diabetic Foot
  •  Expansion of Hip Fracture Registry & FRAX tool validation
  •  Biotechnology & Nanotechnology
  •  Genetic basis of endocrine diseases
  •  Assessment of bone density in patients with secondary osteoporosis
  •  Promoting National Health Care Networks and expanding them to regional and international levels.
  •  Pancreas and Pancreatic Islet Beta-Cell Transplantation
  •  Expanding the Endocrine Cancer Registry
  •  Life style modification and prevention from diabetes and osteoporosis


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