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Food and Drug Research Laboratory

The Food and Drug Research Laboratory of EMRI was found in 2003 with the goal of the advancing of public health by assuring safety and testing efficacy of the food and medication supplied to Iranians. The laboratory is operated by expert technicians and is well equipped so that to protect the public from potential adverse effects of medicines and foods, and to ensure their better quality, affordability, an efficacy. Facilities such as HPLC system and accessory equipment have the potential to evaluate and determine the amount and quality of the following items:

  •  Measurement of fat-soluble and water-soluble and vitamins in food products
  •  Water-soluble vitamins ( B and C and D vitamins) in food products such as milk or fruit juice


Head of Food and Drug Research Laboratory: Dr. Eghbal Taheri

Technical Advisor: Dr. Mahsa Sadeghi


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