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National Diabetes Research Network

National Diabetes Network has been established in the pursuit of implementing the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the nation and in parallel with the 5-year Development Plan of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In fact, the National Diabetes Network has been developed as a response to the need for a targeted research approach to address the necessity of determining the structure of health care provision in Iran. It aims to promote collaboration among research centers, universities, and researchers at a national scale so that they speed up focused research with the primary goal of promoting public health in various fields of diabetes care. Having achieved this goal, the government can reduce its spending levels which are currently focused on diabetic care, including the cost of management of the disabilities caused by the disease.

The National Diabetes Network is intended to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To prioritize research projects in diabetes and metabolic disorders according to the National Scientific Initiative.
  • To facilitate the application of information technology in research such as promoting the use of registry software.
  • To facilitate coordination among research centers and universities so that to avoid irregularities such as simultaneous research on a single project.
  • To inspire researchers and promote teamwork.
  • To enhance partnership and collaboration at the regional and international levels.
  • To detect gaps in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes.
  • To encourage clinicians to have a more proactive role in research.
  • Accelerate policy making and speeding their implementation so that to improve screening, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes.
  • To develop national guidelines for the prevention, screening, and management of diabetes.
  • To conduct seminars and workshops for researchers and clinicians to foster collaboration among them so that to improve the quality of both scientific and clinical achievements.
  • To improve the quality of life of diabetic patients.
  • To assist strategic planning and priority setting for prevention of diabetes related complications.

Board of Founders which is consisted of five to nine members has established the network by the authority of the Deputy of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Universities and research centers working in the same field can apply for the membership of the network which is granted by the Board of Founders for the first round, and, by the Board of Directors for next rounds. Headquarter of the network is located at the Endocrine and Metabolism Research Institute and all its activities are closely monitored and directed by the institute.

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