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Course description

This interactive workshop will present the practical aspects of Diabetic Foot Care for nurses and enable the participants to develop the following competencies:
  • Understanding diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) classification including neuropathic, ischemic, neuroischemic
  • Understanding DFU complications including infection, osteomylitis, Charcot foot, amputations
  • Screening and examination of the diabetic foot
  • Assessing Diabetic patient's lifestyle and taking history
  • Giving general advice to people with diabetes and their family to prevent DFU
  • Understanding the implications of novel dressing
  • Understanding the implications of offloading tools
  • Nursing care before and after amputation
  • Understanding the diabetic foot home care plan

Objectives for each section of the course:

A: Theoretical knowledge:
  •  Understanding the epidemiology of diabetic foot and diabetic foot care therapy system
  •  Identifying different types of diabetic foot Ulcers in diabetic foot screening
  •  Understanding the mechanisms of control and management of diabetic foot problems to provide the best care
  •  Understanding the role of the nurse in the care of diabetic foot
  •  Introduction to nursing care plan for patients suffering from diabetic foot

Professional / practical skills:
  •  Understanding and identifying the range of screening methods for diabetic foot in real conditions
  •  Understanding the mechanisms of control and management of diabetic foot and their correct use in practice
  •  Understanding the concept of education and rehabilitation of the diabetic foot and their correct use in practice

Programme duration: 2 Days

Delivery Format
  •  Didactic teaching (Instructor-led training)
  •  Group work, problem solving approach
  •  Self-directed learning (study on their own)
  •  Experience in working with people with diabetes (group teaching,coaching)

Eligibility criteria
  •  Registered Nurses
  •  Nurses who work in diabetes clinics or hospital internal wards
  •  Nursing students who interested in working with diabetes
  •  Nursing instructors who have clinical experience in diabetes
  •  Nurses who are members in wound care management team

Additional activities

The participants would be allowed to attend as observers in the Diabetic Foot Clinic. Moreover, we are keeping in touch with participants and inform them about date of holding an advanced workshop on diabetic foot care.

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Project Coordinator:

Bagher Larijani, M.D., F.A.C.E. Director-General & Chief Scientific Officer


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