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Specialty and Subspecialty Diabetes Clinic of the EMRI, with approximately 5000 square feet in a seven floor building has been located in downtown of Tehran. EMRI has provided health services to the patients at the lowest cost and best quality. The Specialty and Subspecialty Diabetes Clinic (2) of the EMRI is consisted of the below polyclinics:

b. Ophthalmology Clinic

In this clinic, all patients receive a complete ophthalmologic workup, including tonometry, slit-lamp examination, retinal angiography, optic coherence tomography, and direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, with the findings subsequently determining the proper management strategy.

c. Cardiology Clinic

This unit provides echocardiography, exercise tolerance test, electrocardiography, and Holter monitoring of the heart and blood pressure. All patients undergo an initial complete clinical assessment by a consultant cardiologist, who recognizes any subsequent need for further evaluation and treatment.

d. Osteoporosis Clinic
All patients with a variety of metabolic and metabolic bone disorders are referred to this clinic. Some of patient is candidate of bone density scan.

e. Nephrology Clinic
This unit offers emergency care or other evaluations for diabetic nephropathy. Patient follow-up is carried out on a regular and comprehensive basis

f. Neurology Clinic
This clinic assesses the side effects of diabetes on the nervous system, e.g. neuropathy.

g. Psychiatric Clinic

This clinic renders psychological counseling on the grounds that most diabetic patients tend to suffer from psychological problems such as minor or major depression, sexual disorders, anxiety, and phobia. Patients can also attend the sexual disorders clinic on Wednesday afternoons

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