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The international affairs Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute was established in 2001 by with the following goal and objectives:
  • Forging mutually productive interactions with other research institutes and universities worldwide.
  • Establishment and monitoring official collaborations with International organizations (e.g. WHO, IOF, WDF, etc)
  • Signing Memoranda of Understanding and agreements
  • Processing and retaining membership of the faculty in different associations

Public and International Affairs Department strategic plan articulates a vision that endeavors to facilitate the implementation of the EMRI goals. Strategies have been developed within the context of the following assumptions:
  • Expand the boundaries of communication for novel insights into research and development
  • Implement scientific international collaborations, memberships and agreements
  • Collaborate with international research centers with similar interests.
  • Pave the way for young researchers to access worldwide research opportunities.
  • Organize international seminars and scientific events.

The department of Public and International Affairs of the EMRI has been successful in establishment of collaboration and partnership between the EMRI and numerous world class organizations, universities, and research centers.

Those include: the WHO, Mayo Clinic, and the Center for Rheumatic Diseases India- Pune, IOF and WDF; and, the universities of Tennessee, Alberta, British Columbia, North Dakota, and Geneva. It is noteworthy that all those partnerships and collaborations are officially endorsed and mutual agreements are signed.

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