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Bionanotechnology Laboratory

Bionanotechnology refers to various related technologies such as those utilized to make molecular machines, biomaterials, and polymer-coated spheres which are widely used in medicine. In terms of diagnosis, bionanotechnology plays a key role by analysis of proteins and genes involved in the pathogenesis of certain diseases. This novel science has several therapeutic applications in medicine. For instance, application of bio nanotechnology involves benefiting from membrane properties to generate synthetic membranes.

Another example, from a different perspective, would be the application of the technology in the production of herbal medicines. Considering the side effects and arguably low effectiveness of chemical medications, herbal medicines are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, any novel technology which can assist us to improve the quality of medications derived from plants can be of most clinical importance. Moreover, it can make the industry more profitable from a commercial point of view. This can be achieved by DNA analyses and gene studies on the active ingredients of plant derived medicines so that to genetically engineer more potent species of the plant.


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