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Adopting a healthy diet and exercising are considered as effective strategies in losing weights many individuals, however, fail to achieve the desirable weight despite receiving such treatments. Psychological aspects of obesity are believed to be the reason for which certain individuals experience a treatment failure. Obesity is associated with various psychological problems no particular psychological character is linked with obesity. While some patients may lose weight under insight-oriented psychoanalysis, such an approach is not always successful. The most common psychological interventions 9674nbspMotivational interviews Motivational interviews are recommended to improve ...

Etiology of Obesity
Environmental, genetic, psychological and cultural factors as well as the physiologic regulation of the body may contribute to obesity. Several hypotheses have been developed in order to explain the reason for which some people become obese while others who follow a similar diet and do comparable physical activity do not the problem of keeping the weight constant in individuals who have shed off pounds remain unanswered. In other words, no single hypothesis can explain all the causes of obesity.
Genetic factors
The influence of various hormonal factors on the weight regulation mechanism is affected and regulated by genetic variables. These factors ...

Older research literature considers the relationship between depression and obesity insufficient however, recent research evidences have reported a more stable relationship. For example, in a study conducted via an organized interview on more than 40,000 adults, obesity was accompanied by 37% increase in fundamental depression risk in women and 37% decrease in depression line of men. A similar relationship was observed between obesity, sex and committing suicide. Obese women are facing risk increase and in men, the risk is decreasing. Also, the available evidence indicates that anxiety and depression are more common among the obese seeking clinical help when compared to social samples. Obese ...

Etionlogy of Obesity