About EMRI

EMRI is a pioneering institute with a mission to combine clinical care, research and education in diabetes, ocrine and metabolic diseases. By encouraging and supporting innovative research, the Institute aims to enhance understanding of these diseases and to accelerate the search for new treatment options and cure possibilities. ocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute is affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences and is comprised of three affiliated research institutes each ...

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Director's Welcome

On behalf of the faculty, staff and fellows, and researchers of the ocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute, I wish to welcome you to our d web site.
As the highest ranking Iranian institute for research, teaching, and training in ocrinology, the EMRI vigorously pursues its mission ...

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Since its establishment, EMRI has attained several prominent achievements which can be considered as unique in the field of research and treatment. They include: Angipars: a Novel Herbal Medication for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Angipars is a novel treatment option for patients with diabetic foot which is developed by the ocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute. It is a plant derivative, and the active ingredients are assumed to be coumarin-like compounds that are abundant in the plant Melilotus Officialis. The plant is harvested, processed, and subsequently, the active ingredients are extracted and purified with the use of a complex technology so that to preserve therapeutic acteristics of the components. Angipars was introduced to the Iranian pharmacologic market ...

Scientific News

Top Research Priorities

EMRI as a multi-disciplinary biomedical and clinical research institute looks forward to expanding capacity for basic, clinical, and translational research on diabetes and metabolic disorders. Any offer of assistance, partnership, or

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Diabetes Virtual Clinic

Considering the disabling complications of diabetes, their being preventable, and their economic burden on the Iranian national health care system, Endocrine and Metabolism Research Institute has launched a Virtual

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Industry Relations

The Industry Relations Department aims to advance private-public partnerships that involve the Institute with a focus on facilitating collaborative activities with industry including direct or cooperative funding of research, licensing of university-owned

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PhD by Research

We're offering a unique research PhD programme that will provide excellent training in clinical epidemiology, molecular medicine, and medical ethics. This course is designed to provide Iranian scientists with the opportunity

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